CPG Tours is an online service that allows you to easily create your own tours, using your own photos, in a matter of minutes.

Fast & Easy to Build

CPG Tours can be created and distributed in a matter of minutes.

Custom Photo Animation

Don't settle for the same boring animation every time. Every photo is unique, so we give you control of how each one moves.

High-Resolution Photos

Photos pulled from the MLS are often poorly-compressed or watermarked. CPG Tours allow you to upload your own high-resolution photos, to ensure great quality on any device.

Tour Captions

Tell your listing's story with overlaid photo captions.

Background Music

Few things connect with people on an emotional level as much as music. Choose from a variety of songs to really captivate buyers.

Video Export

You can export your animated tours to video any time, with no additional cost.

Real-Time Updates

Changes are 'live' as soon as you click Save.

MLS Compliant

MLS-compliance shouldn't cost extra. Both branded and unbranded versions of your tour are provided.

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